Makanika We Fix It

Our Mission

Makanika.Tech (Makanika We Fix it) is your number one platform of choice for both business and personal tech & repair needs in Kampala and Uganda at large.

We offer Quality repairs, super speedy turnaround, affordable prices—everything you can expect from fast repair service.

We’ve developed and trained a team of professionals who handle hundreds of repairs on notice. We’ve also created a culture that truly values the importance of customer relationships, bringing invaluable experience, insights and a friendly helping hand to each and every person who comes our way.



Makanika.Tech - Makanika We Fix It Uganda

Certified Mechanics

Our Team is Made Up of Educated and trained Makanika's (Technicians) so you are in safe hands

24/7 Availality

We are on Call on a semi 24/7 basis. Simply book a services and we shall dispatch a Makanika to you

No Hidden Cost

We try as much as possible to be straight forward with prices and those quoted are hard to change

Affordable prices

We also try as much as possible to offer professional services on budget to keep our clients non cash strained